Yesterday, Vox’s Ian Millhiser marveled over the fact that Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices are allowed to participate in the Supreme Court process.

That’s baloney, of course. But it’s weirdly popular baloney among liberals.

Well, AOC is neither coherent nor smart.

But one would like to think that an ostensible serious journalist like, say, the Washington Post’s Philip Bump, would be above the flailing.

Spoiler: Philip Bump is not above it. Not even a little bit:

Pretty slick to snarkily let everyone know that you won’t acknowledge replies pointing out that SCOTUS still basically works the way it’s supposed to work and that some of the Founding Fathers’ plans for the government are still in place.

What a jerk.

Oh, right! Dem Rep. Jamie Raskin thinks the Supreme Court was gerrymandered. Philip Bump probably does, too.

Can’t stop, won’t stop:

Shorter Philip Bump: I am not a serious person and no serious person should ever listen to me.

Phil. Buddy. Help us help you.

Just a brain sprain.

Well, judging by the number of writers at major newspapers who don’t understand basic civics or the most fundamental aspects of American governance, it’s a pretty smooth way to get into the journalism biz.