Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin doesn’t seem to be too confident in the Supreme Court’s commitment to upholding Roe v. Wade. And he’s got good reason to worry.

After all, today’s SCOTUS is the result of gerrymandering by theocrats and autocrats:


The Supreme Court was gerrymandered.


Those sneaky bastards.

With a really, really big pair of pliers, probably.

Term limits for Democratic reps? Absolutely. We agree completely. Maybe term limits for Washington Post opinion columnists while we’re at it:

Of course Jennifer Rubin agrees. Because of course she does.

It takes a very special kind of stupid to actually believe that the Supreme Court has been gerrymandered.

You heard the man! Gerrymandered.

Forget it; he’s rolling.

Like, literally. Libs are mad. As in insane.

Words are hard.

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