Earlier today, Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki if President Joe Biden is planning to apologize to Kyle Rittenhouse for baselessly sliming him as a white supremacist.

Considering that Occupy Democrats is claiming that Psaki dismantled Doocy, you’d think they’d post the video. Why on earth would they leave out the video? Could they not find a good clip?

Could it be because the actual video shows Psaki shamelessly deflecting and lying in a pathetic tap-dancing routine to avoid actually answering Doocy’s question? We think it could be that.

In the interest of accuracy and entertainment, here’s the video again:

Yeah, we feel like we could watch that video a million times, and not one of those times would we come away with the impression that Jen Psaki had dismantled anything but her own credibility.

And that constitutes “slapping down,” according to Occupy Democrats:

Because who wouldn’t want to be immediately notified every time Occupy Democrats tweets something so ridiculous?

Bless their hearts.



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