When she’s not tapdancing at the podium during White House press briefings, Jen Psaki apparently moonlights as a TIME writer named Alana Semuels:

Semuels writes:

As Americans went on a spending spree this year and the ports filled with imports, clogging the supply chain, trucks started dumping shipping containers in Wilmington so they could go back to the ports and pick up more to relieve the backlog. The 40-foot containers, which can weigh four tons, are hulking feet from residents’ kitchen windows and blocking the driveways where their children ride bicycles. They’re piled six or seven high in storage yards where they dwarf small churches and homes.

America has long been gobbling up more goods from overseas than we send back, but in the past year, spending has gone bonkers. Stuck at home and unable to buy services like haircuts and massages, and unable to travel and eat out as much as they’d like, Americans bought even more stuff, filling their ever-larger houses. The U.S. imported $238 billion worth of goods in September, up 15% from September 2019. Meanwhile, the country exported about $96 billion less than it imported, leading to a record trade deficit, according to the most recent advance estimate released by the Commerce Department. Spending will likely only continue to grow for the rest of the year as shoppers stock up for the holiday season.

But the supply chain is also broken because of the sheer volume of stuff that Americans are buying, especially online. To keep up with demand for two-day shipping, companies like Amazon and Walmart have built warehouses around the country, and are importing even more containers of goods to fill them. These warehouses are getting a lot more action now that even the most reluctant online shopper was pushed to embrace e-commerce during the pandemic to comply with shelter in place orders.

We asked for this, if you really stop and think about it.

Never mind that consumer spending in September was waaaaay down from last year. It’s gotta be Americans’ fault. It’s just got to be.

We’re the worst. We suck so hard.

They’ll tell us whatever they need to tell us in order to protect the precious.

Brandon may have done it, but he couldn’t have if not for us:

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