As we told you earlier, the MSM, who, for the billionth time, don’t root for a side, have been spinning extra-hard on behalf of the prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, even in the face of testimony that torpedoes the prosecution’s arguments.

And while it’s one thing to see media outlets’ tweets and articles, it’s even more striking to actually watch them in action.

Grabien’s Tom Elliott has certainly been watching, and he’s put together a delightful little compilation featuring some of our firefighting faves doing their damnedest to ensure that Kyle Rittenhouse goes down for murder as a domestic terrorist murderer terrorist who murders innocent protesters with his terrorism and rifle and terrorism.

The media have been at this for months, in case you’ve missed it:

“For the billionth time.”

Media certainly don’t seem to think there’s much of a point to a trial. They’ve decided that Kyle Rittenhouse is a Trump-loving, MAGA-brained, pro-police terrorist, and isn’t that what really matters? In the Court of MSM Opinion, Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty, guilty, guilty!

They haven’t learned a damn thing.