The day after she was elected Virginia Lieutanant Governor, Winsome Sears made an offer to Joy Reid that Reid shouldn’t — but in all likelihood will — refuse.

Fast-forward to this morning, the morning after Joy Reid’s guest Prof. Michael Eric Dyson likened Sears to a ventriloquist’s dummy for the white supremacist GOP. We imagine that Sears is utterly revolted.

But is she shook? Based on this tweet from her team’s account, it sure as hell doesn’t sound like it:

There is not a shred of doubt in our minds that Michael Eric Dyson is terrified of Winsome Sears. And if he’s terrified, just imagine how Joy Reid is feeling knowing that Sears still wants to debate her.

We certainly won’t hold our breath for Reid to offer Sears a platform to push back against nasty progressive racial stereotypes.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t know full well that Sears would chew Reid up and spit her out.

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