Winsome Sears is still basking in the glow of her fantastic victory in Virginia’s lieutenant gubernatorial election.

And that’s been a huge problem for liberals, who are scrambling to explain how Sears managed to win the votes of all those Republican white supremacists. If you were to ask Joy Reid to explain it, her head would very likely explode.

So imagine the mess of skull and brains that would be left if Reid actually took Sears up on her offer to appear on “The ReidOut”:

And we’d watch the hell out of that.

Be still, our hearts!

Sears will likely have to wait a very long time. Joy Reid’s plenty stupid, but she’s smart enough to know that Sears would mop the floor with her in a debate.

Guess for now we’ll just have to settle for Sears kicking leftist butts and taking all their names.