It wasn’t just Terry McAuliffe and candidates in yesterday’s elections who got their clocks cleaned; it was Joe Biden, too.

Even some of the most dedicated Biden apologists in the media are having to concede that the Democrats are in serious trouble. And there’s some compelling evidence to suggest that they’re right.

And while the man in the following clip is only one man, it’s very important to understand that he is very likely one of many who are rejecting the Democrats’ bitter ideologies and destructive policies and taking a chance on the Republican Party:

That voter checks off several boxes that Democrats think they own. If Democrats are smart, they’ll realize that they can’t take any voters for granted.

And they’ve been taking voters for granted for a long, long time.

The economy doesn’t care what you look like or what race you belong to.


Well, apparently the Biden administration does think that doubling down is the best strategy. We’ll see how it pays off for them.

They’re going to have an even bigger mess on their hands if they don’t wise up soon. Which means the MSM is going to have to stock up on cleaning equipment.

Let’s hope not.

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