Here’s a riddle for you:

Q: How can you tell if Jen Psaki is lying?

A: Her lips are moving.

We’re pretty sure you solved that riddle just fine on your own. But we figured that we’d try to lighten the mood a little bit so that you wouldn’t be completely pissed off by this clip:

She must be wearing flame-retardant clothes, because we can’t explain how she doesn’t catch fire every time she stands at that podium.

For all of Donald Trump’s trashing of the press, he clearly wasn’t afraid of them. But when there’s a reporter around, Joe Biden can’t get out of the room fast enough.

Jen Psaki knows it. We know she knows it. And she evidently doesn’t care that we know, because she keeps lying to our faces, over and over again.



Jen Psaki doesn’t want Peter Doocy to ‘overly focus on moments in time’ by asking about the Bidens violating DC’s mask mandate