In a recent interview with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Joe Rogan called out CNN for straight-up lying about him taking “horse dewormer.” CNN host Don Lemon subsequently decided that it would be a good idea for him to double down on sliming Rogan (with some help from Dr. Gupta, of course).

Of course, the last thing CNN and the rest of the MSM need right now is for people like Don Lemon to be digging their graves any deeper.

And they certainly don’t need this supercut from Grabien’s Tom Elliott featuring a litany of media luminaries and Real Journalists™ mocking Rogan over ivermectin:

Holy hell.

The media don’t just owe Joe Rogan an apology; they should be groveling before him and begging for him not to sue.

We’re not litigious types, but we’ll make exceptions for blatant and coordinated media malpractice campaigns.



Glenn Greenwald uses Joe Rogan calling out CNN over ‘horse dewormer’ smear to nail corporate media for ‘the most disinformation, lies, and demented conspiracy theories’