Last week, we told you about disgraced ex-fact-checker and serial defamer Talia Lavin trying to get liberal journalist Jesse Singal booted from Substack for being a “disgusting bigot” who hates trans people.

Journalist and author Jonathan M. Katz is also on Substack, and, like Talia Lavin, he believes that Jesse Singal doesn’t belong there and that we’d all be a lot better off if Jesse Singal weren’t around:

Yes, let’s definitely listen to GLAAD, who definitely doesn’t have a penchant for stirring up bullying and harassment of insufficiently woke liberals.

We’re still not sure what Singal did that was so offensive. But maybe Singal can help with that:

Yes, Jesse Singal is truly a sick man:

Yeah, people like Jesse Singal really poison the discourse.

Good Lord, Jonathan.

Again with GLAAD, Jonathan?

Narrator: Jesse Singal made no such admission in that tweet.

You should’ve quit while you were behind, Jonathan.

Not sure what Jonathan finds so amusing about this.

And maybe some medication, while you’re at it.

Please do, Jonathan. Because you’re clearly not OK.