Remember Talia Lavin? She’s the disgraced ex-fact-checker who got picked up by Media Matters as an expert on the Alt-Right and even scored an NYU teaching gig after defaming an ICE agent and Marine vet as a Nazi.

Well, she recently took her act to Substack, which also happens to be a platform where pRoBLeMatIC liberal journalist Jesse Singal publishes his own work.

And, as a new Substack writer, it’s Lavin’s responsibility to use her position to try to make sure that Singal gets iced out.

How noble of her! Never mind that Jesse Singal is, in fact, not an “anti-trans agitator” or “disgusting bigot.”

Rest assured that Talia Lavin takes her responsibilities very seriously, and she will work tirelessly to insure that one day, bigots-who-aren’t-actually-bigots are banished from Substack and pretty much any other platform where people can be exposed to a POV that is different from Talia Lavin’s.

Jesse Singal had some thoughts on the matter, and we have no doubt that Talia Lavin found them highly offensive:

Spoiler alert: She can’t do it.

In case you missed it, Jesse Singal is not the bad guy in this scenario. That’s all Talia Lavin, baby.

Talia Lavin is definitely an authoritarian, and she’s very clearly broken. Beyond repair, even.

But we also can’t ignore her much simpler, more straightforward motivation for setting her Substack sights on Jesse Singal et al.:

In other words, she’s garbage and she knows it.



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