Liberal journalist Jesse Singal has become one of the woke Left’s favorite targets, thanks to his insufficiently woke reporting on trans issues. According to Singal’s critics, believing that gender dysphoria is a serious problem with far-reaching, lifelong consequences is evidence of Singal’s transphobia and anti-LGBTQ platform.

Now, GLAAD is getting in on the smear campaign as well:

Take a look:

GLAAD isn’t so much interested in accountability as they are committed to punishing anyone who doesn’t buy into their desired narrative about transgenderism.

Nailed it.

If GLAAD doesn’t have the facts on their side, they’re more than happy to just make some up.

Would definitely be nice to see a major outlet cover a genuine coordinated smear campaign against a journalist.

And that anyone who doesn’t completely subscribe to woke trans orthodoxy deserves to be punished.

What GLAAD — and those like them — are trying to do won’t bring about any accountability. Just a climate of fear.

If you’d like to make your voice heard:

Singal is definitely going to make his voice heard.





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