As we told you, liberal journalist and Substacker Jesse Singal has apparently been the target of a systematic and coordinated campaign to smear him as a transphobe and ruin his career.

He addressed some of the smearmongers in a recent Substack piece, but he had no doubt that there were plenty more where those came from.

Plenty more, like former House hopeful Brianna Wu, who never met a smear campaign she didn’t like:

Let’s just say we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Brianna Wu had a starring role in this effort:

We’d love to make the acquaintance of these fabled “sources.”

What’s the holdup, Brianna?

“Singal is a good example” of a “right-wing” person “to engage and discredit,” says Brianna Wu. Why? Because reasons.

“We have credibility.”

Brianna keeps saying that the truth will come out. Can she give us a timeline on that?

She doesn’t make this statement lightly; she just makes it dishonestly.

That’s Brianna Wu’s “credibility” in a nutshell.

And Katie Herzog, Singal’s “Blocked and Reported” podcast co-host, is not impressed:

Got that? Brianna Wu will furnish those receipts she’s been touting when she’s good and ready, and not a moment sooner than that.

Probably because she’s got quite a bit of Photoshopping to do.

Sorry, fellas. She’s not interested. Not even if she could help herself and others.

Right. And her terms are “shut up and let me baselessly smear Jesse Singal.”

We’ve definitely seen Brianna Wu’s own playbook of victimhood. Many times.

Oh, you certainly can:

So those are Brianna Wu’s allies. Quite an illustrious group.

Well, Brianna Wu is an immensely dishonest person, so she’s up to the challenge.

Hey, Brianna just lives by the code of Sun Tzu:

If Sun Tzu had been on Twitter, he probably would’ve accused Jesse Singal of transphobia and blocked everyone who asked for proof, too.


Uh-oh, Brianna.


Still waiting on those receipts, Brianna.

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