Thanks to Worst Mayor in America Bill DeBlasio, New York City will be phasing out its gifted and talented program.

New York Times education writer Eliza Shapiro is quite pleased by this development, but she’s not the only one who’s excited.

No less than “1619 Project” architect Nikole Hannah-Jones is taking the opportunity to celebrate kids getting screwed:

For someone who was allegedly identified as gifted when she was a child, Nikole Hannah-Jones doesn’t seem to have a very solid grasp on what gifted and talented programs are actually for.

She doesn’t have a solid grasp on a lot of things, it seems.

Evidently for some people, ignorance is a gift. And a talent!

You know, if Nikole Hannah-Jones is what passes for “gifted,” maybe New York City’s got a point after all.



Privileged nitwit Nikole Hannah-Jones decides to own Mike Pompeo by crapping all over poorer working parents concerned about their kids’ educations