Great news, everyone! New York City is officially committing to eliminating the scourge of gifted and talented programs:

Congratulations are in order, no?

New York Times education writer Eliza Shapiro is ready to bust out the champagne and have a dance party:

Eliza doesn’t think that parents should have the opportunity to want what’s best for their kids.

“Experts” who happen to feel the exact same way that Eliza Shapiro feels.

Eliza wants to make sure that future generations of gifted children keep getting screwed over.

Outcomes can never be guaranteed. Eliza and her likeminded peers know that.

Trust the “experts.” Trust Eliza Shapiro.

It’s not fair if some children are gifted! We have to ensure that all children are the same, even though they’re not!

Left-wing alleged advocates for children don’t think about a lot of stuff. They sure as hell don’t think about what’s actually best for children.



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