Yesterday, we told you about Georgetown Prof. Don Moynihan’s impressively stupid take on this tweet from Mike Pompeo on parents’ involvement in their children’s educations:


Here’s Moynihan’s tweet again:

Well, in a shocking turn of events, “1619 Project” architect and Critical Race Theory fan Nikole Hannah-Jones doesn’t care for Pompeo’s tweet, either:

Because Mike Pompeo revels in ignorance and racism, right, Nikole? Such a clever rejoinder from such a clever woman.

Actually, school choice proponents think Black, Latino, Indigenous, Asian, and LGBTQ parents should have a say in their children’s educations. Poor parents, too! But Nikole doesn’t want to talk about *those* people.


Who has that choice, Nikole? Privileged liberals like you?

She’s privileged AF, if we’re being honest. She’s not being honest, though. That’s never been her strong suit.

But what is Nikole Hannah-Jones if not a walking, talking insult to our intelligence?

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.