Yesterday, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed an extremely controversial opinion about education:

Don’t see what’s so controversial about it? Well, that’s probably just because you’re not as brilliant as Georgetown Prof. Don Moynihan.

See, unlike you, Moynihan understands that parents have no business getting involved in their children’s educations, because what the hell do parents know, really?

We don’t expect that Moynihan will delete that tweet, but just in case he does, here’s a screenshot:

And here’s the cartoon that he thinks suits Pompeo’s tweet so perfectly:

And now, we can get back to the business of discussing why Moynihan’s take is, in actuality, not even remotely brilliant, but incredibly, mind-numbingly stupid.

Moynihan would like nothing more than for you to believe that people are taking issue with his tweet because teachers are not airplane pilots.

That is, of course, not at all what’s driving the criticism of Moynihan.

When you’re dealing with someone as willfully obtuse as Don Moynihan, the absolute best you can hope for is a false equivalence.

Better question: who needs Don Moynihan?