We wouldn’t say we’re huge fans of Sen. Joe Manchin. He’s not the worst Democrat, but he’s still a Democrat who likes to spend other people’s money, albeit maybe not as much as many of his Democratic colleagues.

His reluctance to get behind the $3.5 trillion has pissed off the Left, though. They’re pretty angry with him.

But Rolling Stone contributing editor Jeff Goodell may be the angriest of all:

That’s how Goodell’s piece starts out. Here’s how it wraps up:

But Manchin himself is a man from the past. One of the tragedies here, not just for the people of West Virginia, but for the future of life on this planet, is that Manchin could have played this moment differently. With the leverage he has in the negotiations, he could have demanded massive investments in clean energy and social programs for West Virginia. He could have used it as a moment to ensure prosperity for his state and stability for our climate. He could have been a hero. Instead, he is a man out of time, selfish and sentimental and determined to take everyone down with him.

It’s also worth noting that Goodell favorably cites Chris Hayes’ ALL CAPS screaming about Joe Manchin. Because like Chris Hayes, Jeff Goodell is a Very Serious Person.

An unintentional one.