Before you get any more bent out of shape over Gens. Kenneth McKenzie and Mark Milley effectively testifying that Joe Biden lied (without admitting it, of course) when he said no one had advised him that a reckless troop withdrawal could work out very badly for everyone except the Taliban, take a breath and let Jen Psaki explain what really happened, you silly rube:


She really did:

Now, if we’re feeling charitable, we could maybe interpret her remarks as saying that the president wasn’t going to make a decision that would require troops to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely. But listening to that whole exchange, it’s clear that Jen is way out of her depth and doesn’t know what she’s doing up there.

She evidently failed economics, so why not government, too?

Maybe she was too busy studying film:


OK, so she does know that Joe Biden is the Commander in Chief. That’s something, we suppose.

It’s just about the only nice thing we can say about that clip.

You think that’s impressive? Get a load of this:

Oh. Well. In that case, nothing to see here. Except for whips, probably:


We’re honestly kind of shocked that she didn’t actually try that excuse.

Right here, Jen:

Jen Psaki’s a great fit for the Biden administration. Gaslighters of a feather, you know.

Jim Sciutto’s already moved on.