Trump admin Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley has had some interesting things to say during his testimony today on the Afghanistan withdrawal. He took a moment to defend his controversial behind-Trump’s-back calls with China, of course. But ultimately, today’s hearing is about Afghanistan.

So let’s talk about what he said on Afghanistan.

Well, that’s certainly one way to frame it.

We’re a bit confused, to be honest.

Milley does whatever the hell he wants. He’s made that abundantly clear.

Even if he can’t legitimately defend it.

Milley is actually contradicting other testimony he gave today.

Milley indeed backed up CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie’s testimony that Joe Biden had been warned about the imminent collapse of Afghan security forces and the resurgence of the Taliban.

Milley suggesting that Americans would have been at greater risk if U.S. military had remained already makes no sense, but it makes even less sense in light of his earlier testimony.

He’s got to know that, which is why he’s evidently cool throwing whatever he can find at the wall in the hopes that something will stick enough to satisfy us:


What does that even mean?

We’re guessing their take is slightly different from Milley’s.



‘This is big’: CENTCOM Commander Gen. McKenzie testifies under oath that he warned Joe Biden of Afghanistan collapse, which Biden flat-out denied