After doing an about-face, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is now horrified by scenes of Border Patrol agents on horseback using whips to beat back Haitian refugees. Jen Psaki finds it all “horrific and horrible.” Chuck Schumer is disgusted at the inhumanity of it all. Kamala Harris wants “a thorough investigation.” In short, Democrats and liberals are pissed.

Never mind that they’re pissed about a false narrative. Border Patrol agents are not, in fact, using whips to round up Haitian refugees. And there’s no way that these angry Democrats aren’t totally aware of that. But they get a lot more airtime and clout by riding the wave of a sensationalist lie.

And that’s what makes this from Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar so notable and refreshing:

Host Victor Blackwell apparently thinks that’s exactly what Border Patrol is supposed to do. He really, really wants the false “whip” narrative to be true because the agenda he supports requires the narrative to be true.

Good on Rep. Cuellar for not taking the bait on this.

It literally is.