White House press secretary Jen Psaki was a Very Special Guest on “CBS Mornings” today.

Understandably, the hot topic of “whip-wielding, horseback-riding” Border Patrol agents attacking Haitian migrants came up in conversation, and understandably, Psaki had some thoughts about it:

“This is not who we are.” Watch:

Sure, Jen.

For the record, here’s what DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said about it yesterday:

That changed somewhat overnight:

Because that’s not who the Biden-Harris administration is, right, Mr. Secretary?

Failing is right. The Biden-Harris administration failed to take the situation at the border seriously. The Biden-Harris administration failed to even address the situation at the border. And now, because of that, Border Patrol agents on horseback are trying to stave off the influx of unvetted — and most likely unvaccinated — migrants.

Because this is, in fact, who the Biden-Harris administration is.

They can’t pin this one on Republicans. They can’t pin any of it on Republicans.

Tell the truth, Jen. For once in your life. Because we see through your — and the Biden-Harris administration’s — BS.