Because Joe Biden believes in freedom, unlike Donald Trump, his administration is mandating that all federal employees get the COVID19 vaccination.

The subject of the mandate came up during Jen Psaki’s White House press briefing this afternoon:

Psaki was also asked how the administration squares the mandate with their professed opposition to the Texas heartbeat law over threats to individuals’ control over their own bodies. Jen handled it just as well as her boss would have:

Way to make Joe proud, Jen!

Honestly, though, it’s hard to blame her for walking away. After all, just a few months ago, she said that a federal proof-of-vaccination mandate wasn’t even on the table:

We’d run away, too, if we had to justify so much hypocrisy so often.

We won’t hold our breath for Jen to circle back on this one.



Peter Doocy gives Jen Psaki a shovel to help dig Anthony Fauci’s — and the Biden admin’s — COVID19 credibility grave even deeper