When Donald Trump was in the White House, a popular saying was “There’s always a tweet.” And it was true. There was always an old tweet that was somehow relevant to the current situation.

As it turns out, the rule still stands now that Joe Biden is president:


Honesty. Decency. Hope. Leaving nobody behind. Giving hate no safe harbor. That’s who we are, Joe? Who’s we?

If Joe Biden didn’t see any of those things coming from the Trump administration, then what, pray tell, has he seen from his own administration? Donald Trump, for all his faults, didn’t even remotely approach the policy disasters that have become emblematic of Joe Biden’s presidency.

This one, too:

Joe Biden isn’t just a liar; he’s a pathological liar.

By a million miles.

But he’s exactly the man we thought he was.



Thanks to his own disastrous Afghanistan policy, Joe Biden’s nearly 20-year-old prediction about 9/11 is shaping up to be a huge bust