White House comms director Kate Bedingfield is out there speaking on behalf of Joe Biden because she’s ostensibly a better spokesperson for the president right now than the president himself.

So far, though, she’s not doing such a hot job. CNN’s Brianna Keilar had her squirming in an interview earlier today. Bedingfield also said with a straight face that Joe Biden “never shies away from taking questions.”

Who wants to see a hat trick? Behold:

Holy gaslighting, Batman.

The willingness and ease with which they lie to our faces is bad enough. But the fact that Bedingfield and the Biden administration evidently believe that their “we prepared for all contingencies” BS is making them look good as Afghanistan goes to hell is legitimately baffling.

Right? Do they honestly not see that this does the exact opposite of inspiring confidence in the administration’s competence and judgment? Who’s going to tell Kate Bedingfield how this actually makes Joe Biden look?


Well, Kate Bedingfield’s got at least one thing still going for her: when Biden has set the bar as low as he has, all she really has to do is not drool on herself. In that case, mission accomplished!