We have to say, CNN’s willingness to get tough on the Biden administration and call them out for BS has been genuinely refreshing. There are exceptions at the network, of course, but we believe very strongly in giving credit where credit is due.

And we’d like to give Brianna Keilar credit for this interview with White House comms director Kate Bedingfield:

Bedingfield barely made it out of that interview alive.


Well, to be fair, the Taliban got all the good weapons. The best the Biden administration can do now is lasers. Crappy ones, at that.

The buck stops with Joe Biden, no matter how desperately he tries to outrun it.

Bedingfield has demonstrated herself to be not only a committed gaslighter, but also an artful dodger of tough questions (a trait she shares with her boss). Props to Keilar for not letting Kate get away with it.