We recently told you about Texas Democratic State Rep. Donna Howard, who incorrectly thought it would be a wise move to tell Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to “stop political games” when it comes to masking in schools.

Bear in mind that this is the same Donna Howard who joined her fellow Texas Democratic state representatives on a private plane for a shameless publicity stunt that may very well result in other people’s deaths from COVID19. And her political games still aren’t over yet:

Oh, TSA exempts private flights from the mask requirement! So she and her colleagues weren’t being hypocritical superspreaders when they didn’t mask up on that plane! So shut up, haters!

We’ll get back to that shortly.

Moving on:

Delta variant infections didn’t spike until after their flight? Surely you can do better than that, Donna.

Caught with her mask down. Not a flattering look for her.

Howard’s little soliloquy may be over, but other people still have quite a lot to say. Particularly regarding her “private, non-commercial flights” defense.

And it gets better, still:

Uh-oh, Donna.

Donna Howard’s entire defense is based on lies. Gotta say, that’s on-brand for Democrats.

She’s gotta me more than halfway to China by now.

Better safe than sorry!