Yesterday, we told you about Texas Democratic State Rep. Michelle Beckley touting her own bravery in ditching her job responsibilities in order to take a private jet with fellow Texas Democratic state representatives to Washington D.C. and infect people there with COVID19.

Her shameless begging for money and Twitter followers led some people to believe that maybe the motives behind the Texas Democrats’ superspreader flight weren’t as pure as they wanted us to believe.

And based on this tweet from Beckley’s colleague Gene Wu, we’d say the skeptics are onto something:

“30k” refers to the number of Wu’s Twitter followers. Yes, folks, he’s crossed the 30,000 mark! Mission accomplished!

Keep digging, Gene. Don’t stop now! You’re on a roll.

Wonder how long it’ll be until that “30k” refers to something else …

Take a bow, Texas Dems.