The Nation’s Elie Mystal has a lotta problems with you people. Well, with white people. Especially conservative white people.

So you can imagine his outrage over the Supreme Court’s ruling that Arizona’s voting laws don’t violate the Voting Rights Act, which is something that conservatives have been trying to point out for some time now. Despite the fact that election integrity laws are not akin to voter suppression, Mystal and his delusional ilk refuse to face reality.

So they end up in a place like this:

If the full post is anything like his tweets, we should probably get really, really drunk before reading it.

This should also be a warning sign right here that Elie Mystal might not actually be someone we should be looking to for advice on how to improve our justice system:

Reasonable, sane people do not say things like that.

In a nutshell.

Which Constitution, Drew? Elie would like you to be more specific:

Ah, yes. The White Constitution.

The freshest.

What do you mean, “you people,” Elie?

Yeah, well, Elie’s written stuff for The Nation, so there.

Elie sounds like a guy who should get a refund for his Harvard Law degree.



Judd Legum’s tweets about SCOTUS’ ‘STUNNING admission’ of racism and classism are very popular. They’re also extremely dishonest.