GOP Rep. Paul Gosar prides himself on sticking to his guns, which on its face seems like a good quality.

But what if those guns are defective?

That’s apparently the case with Gosar, as agreeing to team up with the likes of groyper troll Nick Fuentes can’t be seen as anything other than a glaring character defect:

The “white supremacist” label gets tossed around quite a bit by liberals in order to smear Republicans and conservatives. But in Fuentes’ case, the label is accurate. And if Gosar is willingly associating with Fuentes, he shouldn’t be surprised to find himself branded a white supremacist.

What on earth would possess Rep. Gosar to do this? Unless, of course, he supports what Fuentes stands for.

Fuentes doesn’t just dabble in Holocaust denial; he absolutely revels in it.

It is not:

Gosar’s intentions couldn’t be any clearer:

Nick Fuentes is not a conservative; he’s a vicious, bigoted, hateful little ghoul. Gosar knows damn well why people are “freaking out,” and his doubling down demonstrates that his decision to collaborate with Fuentes was not a lapse in judgment, but rather a deliberate strategic move.

This is inexcusable. If Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib’s antisemitism is toxic and evil and warrants their expulsion from polite society, then Gosar, too, should be made a pariah for associating with a notorious Holocaust-denying racist.