It’s been clear for some time that C.J. Pearson is in way over his head. The young grifter and alleged “conservative” has a knack for punching far above his intellectual weight as well as aligning himself with people of highly questionable character.

So it should come as no surprise that he thought this take on anti-Semitic alt-right troll Nick Fuentes was a good one:

The irony of CJ Pearson labeling anyone a “so-called conservative” is not lost on us. This is the guy who became a Bernie Sanders supporter because he saw an opportunity to cash in on fame that way and then realized that there’s more money in the alt-right movement, home to delightful folks like Laura Loomer, Ali Alexander (Akbar), and, of course, Nick Fuentes.

And as far as debating Fuentes’ ideas goes, hard pass.


So yeah. There’s nothing to “debate” here, C.J. And if you think there is, well, you don’t deserve anyone’s respect.

Pearson doesn’t see it that way at all:

Defending the principles of Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, and white supremacy. Labeling those who point out Fuentes’ anti-Semitism as leftists is intellectual lazy and incredibly dishonest.

So, par for the course for C.J. Pearson.



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