As Twitchy told you, C.J. Pearson took issue with Jonah Goldberg calling out conservatives who cried foul over Bill Clinton’s infidelity but are giving proud womanizer Donald Trump a pass for his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels.

It’s nice that Pearson wants to sit at the grownups’ table, but, like other young activists, he’s gonna learn the hard way that if you want to be treated like an adult, you’ve got to take what goes with it. And after today, we’re not sure if he’ll want to pick a fight with Jonah Goldberg again.

Weekly Standard freelance writer Jerry Bier brought one of Pearson’s old tweets to Goldberg’s attention:

Hey, wait! Where’d it go?

Well, shoot.

Good thing the internet never forgets.

It’s entirely possible that in almost three years, Pearson has changed his mind about infidelity. After all, he went from supporting conservatives like Ted Cruz to supporting Bernie Sanders to supporting Donald Trump, so he changes his mind a lot. But if this is how Pearson’s evolved, shouldn’t he just, you know, own it? Because that would be the adult thing to do.

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