Nobody was asking C.J. Pearson to weigh in on Harvard’s decision to rescind Kyle Kashuv’s admission, but he apparently figured that we really needed to hear from him anyway. So here’s what he came up with:

We’re shocked — shocked! — that a grifting teen whose political affiliations depend on whoever’s getting the most attention at any given time would invoke grifting adults who traffic in conspiracy theories — and by putting his own spin on Pastor Niemöller’s famous poem about the Holocaust, to boot! Just like AOC!

That’s how you know C.J. Pearson is a serious person and not a complete fraud.

No, it definitely ain’t. Kyle Kashuv isn’t even remotely comparable to Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, or Laura Loomer. Hell, Loomer was spearheading the campaign on the far right to get Harvard to keep Kashuv out!

But you do you, C.J.

Pearson might want to think about leaving us alone for a bit.

It sure is. Last month, Pearson himself said he wasn’t satisfied with Kashuv’s apology:

And then yesterday, he suggested that Kashuv’s offensive words at 16 were on the same level as Ralph Northam posing in a racist photo in his 20s:

There’s definitely some consistency in Pearson making intellectually dishonest garbage arguments.

Last word to Ben Shapiro, because Pearson apparently thought his brilliant take was worth Shapiro’s attention:

Better luck next time, kiddo.