The Bulwark hasn’t been conservative since … well, since ever. But over the course of their existence, we’ve definitely seen them evolve from kneejerk anti-Trump, anti-conservative hacks to hacks that unapologetically embrace leftism.

Case in point, their take on the backlash against Critical Race Theory:

Wow, this would be a great argument if it weren’t so asinine!

The byline for this piece belongs to Charlie Sykes, but even if the byline weren’t there, you’d know it from the post. Sykes, who seems to have a weird obsession with owning Critical Race Theory opponent Christopher Rufo, has once again made a complete ass of himself.


So they are playing a (race) card, not making an actual argument. They may not understand what it means, but they know that this is a way for them to push back (and shut down) debates about racial injustice. Any concerns about the history of racism or police violence can be simply dismissed: “See, what you’re doing is Critical Race Theory.”

I regret to inform you that this includes simply making sh*t up.

Some of the allegations Rufo laid out… are not supported by the evidence he produces, and others are stretched beyond the facts.

And we do not regret, but rather relish, the opportunity to inform you, readers, that Charlie Sykes’ evidence for Christopher Rufo’s anti-CRT scam is the Washington Post article that has been gutted after — wait for it — making sh*t up. Oops.

Sykes concludes:

If the concern was really simply political correctness, their agenda would be far wider, wouldn’t it? But by focusing solely on critical race theory, they sort of give away the game, don’t they?

Who’s giving away the game, Charlie?

It’s Charlie Sykes and the Conserving Conservatism Conservatives at the Bulwark who have sent the mask crashing to the floor.

And we’d expect nothing less.

Let’s not get crazy here!

Charlie Sykes and the Bulwark actually think they’re winning the argument.

Does the Bulwark not understand the difference between discussion and indoctrination? Aren’t they supposed to be smarter than the rest of us.

It’s always an intellectual struggle for the Bulwark, but there’s really nothing difficult about this stuff.

Works for us.