As we told you earlier, the Community Overlords at Instagram decided that Eve Barlow’s post featuring footage of antisemitic violence in Los Angeles violated their guidelines.

Pretty appalling to see a social media platform that is ostensibly about letting people share their lives and observations with the world try to suppress someone drawing attention to violence. But then, maybe it’s not so strange when you consider what social media platforms are willing to tolerate.

Like this from anti-Israel and antisemitic activist CJ Werleman:

Want more facts? Check out Miftah, the organization that traffics in anti-Zionism, historical revisionism, blood libels, and all-around antisemitism!

Seriously, Werleman’s sources suck.

Here’s one thread debunking Werleman’s “facts” and the outlets from which he got them:

Here’s another thread that’s exceedingly thorough and well researched (which is something CJ Werleman can’t say about any of his own work):

TL; DR version? CJ Werleman is an unhinged antisemitic bigot.

And Twitter is apparently fine with that.

Because antisemitism is justifiable bigotry and hatred to people like CJ Werleman — and to our social media arbiters of “truth.”