CNN’s Kaitlan Collins has accepted Joe Biden’s apology for being “a wise guy,” i.e. losing his temper at her for asking him an un-preapproved question about Vladimir Putin.

This tweeter made a bold prediction:

Go buy some Powerball tickets, Bonchie, because your prediction not only came true, but it came true ahead of schedule.

Here’s Punchbowl News founder and NBC/MSNBC analyst Jake Sherman striking up the salivary gland:

How does that shoe polish taste, Jake? Good?

This is some seriously messed-up stuff. It’s like we’re watching some weird S&M thing.

Gross. Also kind of bizarre, because what Jake is implying is that Joe Biden is being honest when he says reporters are the brightest people in the country. Which country would that be?

But some lies are more equal than others, you see.

It’s not supposed to be. Unless Democrats do it. Then it’s fine.

Hell, Jake Sherman would side with Trump if he were being honest with himself.

And those bowling balls would be right to complain.

Evidently Jake Sherman is not, in fact, better than this.

The good news is that it’s actually pretty easy to be better than this when “this” is so awful.