If you thought we’d kind of moved past the Chick-fil-A-is-Hate-Chicken phase of the national discourse, think again.

Burger King hasn’t forgotten the way Chick-fil-A persecuted LGBTQ+ people (read: Burger King has wholly bought into the false narrative that Chick-fil-A has persecuted LGBTQ+ people), and in honor of Pride Month, they’re using their own chicken sandwich as a force for good:

Here’s the tweet:

Ah, yes. The Human Rights Campaign. Charlotte Clymer‘s old stomping ground. The organization that’s not so much about LGBTQ+ rights or pride as it is about shaming and sliming conservatives.

Great choice there, Burger King.

Human Rights Campaign just isn’t worth it. But the virtue-signaling opportunity is just too good to pass up.

Have it your way, Burger King. Good luck with all this.