Recently, New York Times Editorial Board member Mara Gay revealed that she was extremely triggered by the sight of “dozens of American flags” on Long Island.

In an effort to mitigate the blowback that Gay’s rightly been receiving, New York Times PR decided to shame her critics for pointing out that she’s being absolutely ridiculous:

And speaking of things that are ill-informed and grounded in bad faith, here’s Charlotte Clymer’s take on the situation:

That’s all Charlotte can think.

First of all, Charlotte:

Caleb makes an excellent point. Clymer’s got Twitter all wrong.

And she’s got this flag thing all wrong, too.


She definitely doesn’t speak for sane or reasonable people.

Right? A**hole, heal thyself.

Charlotte Clymer has a lot of those.

We’ll make sure to bring a book to read while we wait.

True story.