As Twitchy reported yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence was kicking a** and taking names at the U.N. Security Council, calling on the U.N. to revoke the credentials of Venezuela’s ambassador and to recognize Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president “without delay.”

But what moral standing does Pence have to go after a dictator in Venezuela when he’d just as soon put gays in concentration camps right here in the United States. On Wednesday, the Human Rights Campaign turns its sights on Pence and reminded us all how anti-LGBT he is. Hang on; this goes on for a bit:

So what you’re saying is, it’s critical that we keep Donald Trump in office.

Ah, the designated hate group The Family Research Council — so designated by the SPLC, which is facing up to 60 lawsuits for wrongly designating organizations as “hate groups.”

But that was pretty cool how they zoomed in on Sebastian Gorka’s “Nazi” medal, which he’s explained ad nauseam, and put a little lens flare effect on it.

Seriously, has Mike Pence done anything as vice president that could be considered anti-LGBTQ? He’s a heartbeat away from doing nothing that would affect the LGBTQ community.

They made videos, pushed the bogus story of Gorka’s “Nazi connections,” and even cited the SPLC … what more do you need?

Well, that went well.