Nikole Hannah-Jones is apparently still smarting from not becoming a tenured professor at UNC’s journalism school, because she sounds pretty pissed at the journalist community right now.

And before you get too excited, you should know that her beef with journalism is not a liberal agenda, but rather that the media’s agenda isn’t far-Left enough, particularly when it comes to racism and Critical Race Theory:

Journalists aren’t doing their jobs if they don’t point out that Republicans are unfairly painting a legitimately racist mindset as racist.

“Simply a historical fact,” says the woman whose claim to fame is willfully distorting historical fact to push a narrative that has no basis in historical fact.

“Just historical fact.” There she goes again.

So are toxic Critical Race Theorists with persecution complexes and delusions of grandeur.

We’re well aware that journalists suck at their jobs. But Nikole Hannah-Jones is not in any position of moral authority to pass judgment. Plus, she’s not a journalist.

Nikole Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer Prize for the “1619 Project.” That, sir, is a failure of journalism.

Critical Race Theory is flaming garbage. Just like Nikole Hannah-Jones.

And dishonest hatemongers like Nikole Hannah-Jones.



Historical revisionist Nikole Hannah-Jones’ response to Nikki Haley telling the truth about Critical Race Theory is to fire up the gaslight