Nikole Hannah-Jones doesn’t take kindly to those who would dare criticize her “1619 Project” and the Critical Race Theory foundation upon which it was built.

Yesterday, she went off on Mitch McConnell for calling for the “1619 Project” to be removed from federal education grant programs:

Today, Nikki Haley had the gall to point out that Critical Race Theory is bad for kids:

In a sane world, the potential harm done to children by teaching them that they’re inherently racist would be a valid concern for one to have.

But Nikole Hannah-Jones is not living in a sane world; she’s living in her world. A world that insists on being viewed exclusively through race-colored glasses.

That’s why she’s so offended by Nikki Haley’s perfectly reasonable take on Critical Race Theory:

Considering the fact that Hannah-Jones was forced to admit that the truth of the “1619 Project’s” history was one she fabricated, we’re not inclined to give even a partial damn about her self-righteous indignation.

Is there a doctor in the house? Pretty sure Nikole’s gonna need one to treat all the muscles she just pulled. Homegirl does have a thing about rewriting history, doesn’t she?

Has Nikole already forgotten that only yesterday she was angry that Mitch McConnell didn’t want the “1619 Project” taught as history?

You’d think Nikole would be better at this whole race-hustling-gaslighting thing by now, but nope. She still sucks at it.

Don’t hold your breath for an honest answer from Nikole Hannah-Jones.