We’re disappointed by the news that actress Ellie Kemper has apologized for participating in a “racist” debutante ball when she was 19, but we can’t say we’re all that surprised:

Thank you for staying on this story, Jake Tapper.

Here’s Kemper’s Instagram post:


Congratulations on your latest scalp acquisition, Daily Beast. Congratulations to all the media outlets who participated in this woke farce. Well done.

She literally has no reason to take any sort of personal responsibility for the past of an organization that had rejected its racist past. She literally has no reason to apologize for anything — except maybe to apologize for caving to the Outrage Mob instead of defending herself from undeserved vitriol.

It’s just sad. Genuinely.

Meanwhile, people who actually should be apologizing for the awful things they say and do keep refusing to take accountability.

To say this crap is out of control would be an understatement.

This is not a good direction for society to be moving in.