As Twitchy reported Tuesday, Ben Shapiro called out Twitter after Ellie Kemper and “KKK Princess” trended overnight. It seems that someone had turned up a newspaper clipping about the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” actress winning the title of “Queen Of Love And Beauty” at the Veiled Prophet Ball in 1999 when she was 19.

The A.V. Club, part of the Gizmodo network along with The Onion and Jezebel, decided to run with the story:

Tatiana Tenreyro wrote, long after she should have known better:

Kemper’s wealthy upbringing has never been a secret. She has wealthy parents (her dad was the chairman and chief executive of Commerce Bank) and went to Princeton. But what’s surprising in this case is how her participation in a racist pageant hadn’t been discussed until now. It’s not like it’s ever been hidden. St. Louis Post-Dispatch published about article on her crowning back in 2018 (that’s where the picture circulating on Twitter is from). Kemper was 19 years old when she was selected to be the Queen Of Love And Beauty. At that age, teenagers are mature enough to know what they’re being part of. She hasn’t released a statement yet, but here’s hoping she at least understands why people are upset over her participation in an event rooted in white supremacy.

Here’s hoping she sues you.

We missed the bit in the article about her racist past, but we can see where the animosity comes from: her being white and rich.