RealClearInvestigation’s Mark Hemingway pointed out in this must-read thread that it was an old article by disgraced New Republic writer Scott Beauchamp that started the whole canceling of actress Ellie Kemper over accusations she was some sort of “KKK princess”:

First up, there’s no reason to believe there was any racism involved when Kemper participated in the ball in 1999:

But, more importantly, the article that started the pile-on was by Beauchamp and that should have been a giant red flag to every blue-check sharing it:

You may recall the incident?

“The investigations did not go well”:

And — SURPRISE — he’s back to writing for a major publication:

In summary, Kemper is canceled using an out-of-context article by a writer who was most definitely not canceled:

And we know why:

Now look at how the media is treating Kemper: