Dr. Anthony Fauci is somehow still willing to show his face in public, despite the fact that he really deserves to be run out on a rail, particularly in light of all those damning #FauciEmails. He spoke with MSNBC’s Willie Geist about why it’s important not to be too “accusatory” with regard to China and the possibility that the COVID19 pandemic originated in a lab, because we don’t want to hurt the Chinese government’s feelings.

Fauci also took his tapdancing routine to CNN, where he reiterated that he allegedly remains convinced that the most likely scenario for the COVID19 pandemic’s origin is that the virus leaped from animal to human, because let’s be honest: why would China deliberately perform gain-of-function research to engineer a potentially deadly virus in a lab? That’s just so farfetched!


For reference, here’s the February 1, 2020, email in which Dr. Fauci acknowledged scientist Kristian Anderson’s concern that the SARS-CoV-2 virus had features that “potentially look engineered”:

And there’s Dr. Fauci on CNN, literally laughing off the idea that the Chinese government could be trying to cover up its pivotal role in unleashing a deadly pandemic upon the world.

Exactly. It’s entirely possible that the virus was never meant to leave the laboratory.

But it’s also important to note that, unlike what Dr. Fauci suggests, the Chinese government doesn’t exactly have a history of being terribly concerned with citizens’ health and welfare.

Guess we’d better adjust our tinfoil hats, because we feel like a government known for the systematic persecution and murder of its own people wouldn’t have any hangups about making a virus that could kill its own people — and other people — even more dangerous.

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