Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on MNSBC’s “Morning Joe” today, where he proceeded to do his version of the worm:

Give us a moment to pick our jaws up off the floor.

Honestly, where do we even begin with this?

First, we’d just like to give genuine props to Willie Geist for pressing Fauci on this stuff.

Fauci knows the answers to every single one of those questions (except for maybe the last one, because he has to decide whether or not to change his mind again). And he just doesn’t want to come right out and give those answers.

He doesn’t want to cause speculation about a lab leak on Twitter, so he’s just not going to talk about it — even though he has, at the very least, known that there was a distinct possibility that the COVID19 pandemic’s origins were in a laboratory:

“Talk soon on the call.” That was in February 2020.

It’s June 2021 and Fauci still refuses to say a word against the Chinese government.

Next time Willie Geist speaks to Dr. Fauci, maybe he can ask him one more question:

It must really be something.