BuzzFeed’s Jason Leopold and the Washington Post just dropped a whole new batch of emails to and from Dr. Anthony Fauci per his Freedom Of Information Act request.

Let the crowdsourcing begin:

Fauci had no comment on the drop:

Well, he’s going to have to answer questions soon because there’s a lot in here on the lab-leak theory and if Fauci and Co. were covering it up:

There are more emails like that one, too:

A “huge coverup” and a “massive scandal”?

Just wow:

Over to you, Dr. Facui:

And how soon do we get back to Fauci’s original guidance on masks where he said they just don’t work:

We’d like to know more but it’s been redacted for some reason:

But wait, there’s more:

One thing that’s clear is the media had Facui back during all this:

And history should not be kind to his actions over the past year:

In summary:

Nope. That horse has left the barn:


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