Vice President Kamala Harris is Superwoman, juggling all her big responsibilities like being the border czar and voting rights czar.

On top of that, she’s also going on tour with Jill Biden to promote the COVID19 vaccine:

Kamala’s come a long way, baby. All the way from being anti-Trump-vaxx to going on tour with a doctor!

Are you suggesting that Jill Biden is not who she says she is?

But we digress. You really have to admire Kamala Harris for becoming so dedicated to promoting the very vaccine she previously told the public she would not take because it was developed during Donald Trump’s administration.

The very same.

Amazing. By which we mean totally and shamelessly predictable.

Oh yeah. The border.

It’s not in her purview, remember?

Joe Biden wouldn’t trust just anyone to screw up so many things.

No, they’re not. But it’s nice to see the government spend our money on this anyway.