It’s been several months since Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked by Joe Biden with tackling the crisis situation at the southern border, but Harris hasn’t really acted on it yet. What’s the holdup?

Maybe Jen Psaki can shed some light on things?


So, Kamala Harris is engaging with the Northern Triangle in Central America, but not with our southern border? Because her “purview” is the Northern Triangle and not our southern border, where migrants are actually attempting to cross illegally into this country?

If what Psaki says is accurate, then we can’t help but ask: Kamala Harris, what would ya say ya do here?

What is within Kamala Harris’ purview, exactly? Besides locking up black pot users and parents of kids who are late to school and laughing about it, of course. Looking fierce in her Chucks and Timberlands?

Pretty pathetic.